Man Up

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Man-Up is an Urban Mission Project.

Man-Up is envisioned to be an Evangelistic and Service focused Movement in Urban America.  

It is evangelistic in that it will minister to and bring healing to the hurts and the trauma in the souls of our men.  To see their lives transformed and healed from the deeply buried wounds.

It is service oriented in that it will encourage our men to be more of a presence, empowered and engaged as they bring themselves to bear in voluntary or paid service in the inner workings in their neighborhoods, their communities and their cities.

Once this healing and transformation has taken place, our men will feel good about themselves and be positive role models and influencers in the cities where they live.  The result will be healthier and safer families, homes, neighborhoods, communities and cities.

The Problem:
Too many of our men are falling through the gaps in our society

What can we do about that?

Man-Up is a movement that will minister to men and boys, especially African-American men and boys. It is our hope that this ministry will also carry over and see healing come to the women who care about these men and boys.

This movement is a vision that God has given me to begin to engage the conversations that men generally avoid. Often times we will act out our emotions through anger, violence, drugs and alcohol, aggression, depression, lack of concern for our personal health, risky behavior, and many other ways that we act out and demonstrate the emptiness, the loneliness, the low self-esteem, the hurt, the depression, and other traumas that we experience through the course of our lives. And as African-American men, we cannot forget about the residuals of slavery, and the results of bigotry and racism that still exist today. This has left many men feeling like they have nowhere to go.

They still have their manhood and need to exert or demonstrate their manhood in some manner, but in so many ways because of society and the racism that exists, there is much pressure put on African American men to not be the men God made them to be.

We African-American men still have our sense of pride, male egos, need for hunter-animal instinct to be expressed, need for significance and accomplishments in life.  We have and take pride in our responsibilities as men, provider, fathers, husbands, mentors and leaders in our communities.

Man-Up will engage in conversations to begin the healing process in men, especially African-American men to address the hopelessness, the acting out, the aggression, the anger so that we will see our men being the progressive, productive, and vibrant citizens in our country.

Let us reverse this epidemic onslaught against the African-American man and walk with pride and dignity as we Man-Up to change our world, present and future.  Men, the time has come to Man-Up for change