Man Up Mission

Our Theme is:  Love Ourselves, Love Our City, Love Our God

Mission:  Men empowering men to achieve their full potential

Purpose:  To heal the internal hurts and wounds in men so that they can truly love themselves, then hold one another accountable to be a loving caring contributor to their neighborhood, community, and city, and to have an inexhaustible love for God.

Men who are truly healed will love themselves with a wholesome, healthy and authentic love.  Will love their city to the point that they will become servants to their city to make it the place that God ordained it to be, and will have a love for God that cannot be taken away, but will love God to the point  that they will be change agent in their city.

The men will serve through their skills, talents, gifts, voice, presence and finances.

These men will come from all walks of life, ethnicities and backgrounds as businessmen, civic leaders, political leaders, athletes and sports figures, entertainers, artists, spiritual leaders, public servants, educators, and media personalities.