WholeLife Seminars

WholeLife Seminars – Are available to address specific needs that people have in a holistic manner, thus WholeLife.  We can provide WholeLife Seminars as a full conference, a seminar presentation in a conference, a retreat, or a stand-alone seminar.  Plan to include a WholeLife Seminar in your next event.

  •  Marriage Enhancement Retreats
    As a couple with over 35 years of marriage and pastoring over 23 years we draw upon our life’s experiences to provide a marriage retreat that is second to none.  We believe that every marriage can be enhanced, no matter what the current state is, good, bad or otherwise, every marriage has the potential to be better.  The practical, real life, Biblically based seminars leave every couple madly in love and with their marriages sizzling at the end of the retreat.  Schedule a retreat today.

  • Understanding Spiritual Gifts
    I find that we believers talk about Spiritual Gifts as a normal part of our Christian vocabulary, but to understand spiritual gifts and further to put them into practice seems to be much more of a challenge.  This seminar will present spiritual gifts in a manner that can be fully understood and applied immediately in any ministry setting.

  • Rethinking Theology For The Good Of The Community
    As a pastor of over 23 years, and after pastoring three churches, I have often found myself asking how to better evangelize my neighborhood and the community in which I serve.  I often find the in many cases there is a disconnect between the church and the community.  How can this problem be fixed and the church be a vital citizen in the community in which it serves.  Rethinking Theology for the good of the community addresses these questions and provide solutions the make the church and the community vital partners together for the good of all.

  • L.E.A.P. of Faith  (Leadership Empowerment Action Project)
    In my work as an advocate to end Domestic Violence, I found the both me and many of my pastor colleagues generally address domestic violence on an as needed bases.  We address the ones which are brought to our attention and once those specific cases have been addressed, it back to business as usual.  But of course, after all, we are a church filled with believers therefore we should have none of these problems going on in our lives.  Well I found out that is far from the truth.  We have members coming to our services each week and then slip quietly back into their violent situation.  LEAP is developed to help faith leaders and congregants be intentional about identifying and addressing domestic violence within their congregations. 

  • Prayer Summit/Retreat
    Prayer is what we do as believers, but what if your prayer life, habits and prayer practice could be enhanced.  Have you ever studied prayer in a more intense and intentional way.  Our prayer summits and retreats will take you into a more intimate and deeper level of prayer, and a deeper understanding of prayer.  You will come away from the retreat with a more intimate and powerful prayer walk.

  • Domestic Violence Intervention
    Have you ever experienced domestic violence and wished you could do something about it or, in their own subtle way, been asked by someone in a DV situation for your help but you totally missed the signs.  DV Intervention will expose the subtleties of DV and provide tools for the advocate to use to address this quiet but deadly problem that lurks even in our church pews.

  • Spiritual Formation
    Spiritual formation may be something that we generally don’t talk about.  We just assume that people will pick it up and spiritually development as they progress on their Christian journey.  Spiritual Formation addresses the progress and the stages of the converts’ spiritual journey.

  • How To Study The Bible For All Its Worth
    During your time of Bible study, have you ever thought “Oooo that was so good” but then you also had this feeling that there is more in there but you just seem to dig it our but came up short of that something.  It’s like a tease that is just beyond your reach, and if you had the skill you just might be able to get there.  This seminar “How To Study The Bible For All Its Worth” could be just that missing link and give you that missing skill to enhance the enjoyment of your Bible study.

  • Praise-N-Action
    Praise-N-Action is the praise and worship team comprised of members who are sold out for Jesus with a love and passion to worship Him in spirit and Truth while inviting.  Their worship style welcomes the anointing and presence of God, exudes a holy excellence in the presence and love of God, and invites all of those present to join in the experience.  Praise-N-Action will bless your socks off.

  • Various other Conference and Seminar Themes