Women's Ministry

Greetings!  I bless that wonderful name of Jesus, for he is good!  I am so excited about what God is doing in this hour.  Several months ago the Lord spoke to me and said “that in this season, we need to expect a Kingdom anointing to be poured into the people of God, those  who will seek His face with an earnest heart.”  This anointing will cause the people of God to step out of their insecurities, pettiness, doubts and fears, and into a greater boldness and a greater determination to see the Kingdom of God advance.  I believe God has chosen this year to release an outpouring of Kingdom anointing and  then open the doors to the work that we have been called to accomplish from the very beginning of our walk with God, which is evangelism.

Women of God, we need to be active recipients of this outpouring.  God is looking for women who will dare to walk in the boldness of the Lord, and speak life into dead situations.  Women are the carriers of life, not channels of death.  We give hope where there is no hope.  It is time to compel our families, friends, neighbors and all those who will hear the Word of God through us, to come into the house of God, for the Kingdom of God is at hand.

We are preparing for this next move of God though prayer, perseverance, praise, acceptance and courage to change.  Our women must become confident in the God whom they serve, and work the works of God with all boldness, confidence and authority.  We must learn to trust God in our struggles, and on every level of change in our lives. We will build one another, encourage one another, and love one another.  We must forgive and forget past trespasses in order to be the women God has called us to be.  We will know who we are in Christ and whose we are.  Strength and wisdom shall crown our heads and we will encourage every woman that crosses our path.

The Women’s Department at St. Johns is an active and vital part of the Ministry. Our vision for the women’s department is to inspire women to spiritual maturity and train women to effectively, appropriately and skillfully apply the Word of God in every life situation.